Which cs cart license do I need?

Hi all

I already have a paid license and operating store in version 2.2.1

I also have a seperate operating store in free mode version 4.0.1

I need a new storefront which will require separate user groups, so am wondering if I need to buy a new full cscart license for $345, or just the storefront license for $245 and attach it to one of my current licenses above. Very confused. Hope someone can shed some light. Thanks

My understanding of your situation:

Unless your plans are to convert your v2.2.1 store to v4.x then you will need to purchase a separate full CS-Cart 4 license (to operate two fully functional licensed stores).

The storefront license is for those who are already running a fully licensed CS-Cart 4 store and want to convert it to “Ultimate” mode and run another storefront through the shared admin interface.

Upgrade your v4 store to full license for $345 and then purchase another storefront license for $245. Thus you have 3 stores running including the v2.2.1 one.

Thanks for the clarification. :-)