Where's the css for this?

I want to change the colour of the ‘add to cart’ button. I’m using firebug and it tells me the class for the element - but when I search the css files that class doesn’t exist. I was searching the forums for an answer and came across this

“Is there any way to create unique classes for add to cart buttons on the product page, and another class for the buttons on the category list pages?

I know the cart_add_block_1 class is dynamically generated”

Is this why I can’t find the right class to change and if so how does one modify the button?


Brandon did something like you need a while back, not sure if still same on new version

There have been some changes so I don't think that code will work anymore. Plus, that code was to make the add to cart button an image and it also makes all the buttons the same.

You could make the buttons different on the category page from the product details page, but it would take some digging and playing around to figure it out. I doubt it would take too much though.

I'm not sure if much of that helps, but I guess my point is that it is possible to do what you want.