Where would the tpl go for category set as multicolumn


Is a ??.post.tpl possible for categories where the category block is set Filling:emenu and Appearance:multicolumn? I am trying to add a static url to the end of the category menu. Worked fine as emenu / emenu but when I switched to multicolumn, it stopped. I've tried

menu_items.post.tpl, categories_multicolumns.post.tpl and categories_emenu.post.tpl with no success.


You'll have to read the template to identify what the supported hooks are within it.

I'm looking at views/categories/components/categories_multicolumns.tpl. How do I determine what hooks are allowed?

Look for smarty takes like:

{hook name=“directory:name”}

This will equate to addons//hooks/direcotry/name.{pre,post or override}.tpl

Looking at views/categories/components/categories_multicolumns.tpl, there are no hooks so I just one in: {hook name=“categories:categories_multicolumns”}{/hook} and I was able to accomplish what I wanted to do.

I'm not in favor of modifying original code but was this the proper way?

Opinion: better to add a hook than to insert/adjust code.