Where to sell an Interspire License


Does anyone have an idea where I can post an Interspire Shopping Cart license other than eBay?


Hi Randy,

Long Answer: Nope

ebay you will find a lot of cheapskates, but that’s ebay and unfortunately I cannot recommend anywhere else to attempt to sell it.


(PS: If snorocket responds about how **** it is, ignore it, it’s all over the forum :D)

Try [URL=“http://forums.digitalpoint.com/”]http://forums.digitalpoint.com/[/URL]

Specifically the Buy, Sell, Trade forum. You might find someone interested?


Interspire license is transferable?

First you have to find someone stupid enough to buy it. :wink:

I don’t think you can transfer it, but I haven’t confirmed this since problem #1 is pretty overwhelming.