Where to place currency code?


I purchased the Auto currency updater code from topcoderpro, but didn’t realize it came without any instructions.

Can someone please tell me how to install it? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Btw, I know I should ask this question to topcoderpro, but I’ve already asked them a couple of questions before, with no answer back. Based on this and the fact, all I probably need to do is upload this code, I hardly think its worth paying them $30 for the install.

Thank you.

Joshin, Contact me if you’ld like me to install it for you, I believe it’s got ioncube encoding so your need that functionality on your server.

Thank you for your help regarding the automated currency update. I have a copy of Ioncube, but I do not know where to install it or how to use it. Also, where do I upload the currency conversion code?

Thank you for your help!

If your not familiar with ioncube theres little chance that you’ll get it working by yourself. Ask your webhost to install it on your behalf where possible.

PS: Ioncube HAS to be installed on your SERVER, a local copy is useless.