Where To Get Id & Secret Key For Social Login Addon

May be a dumb question, BUT, where do I get the ID & Secret Key for the Social Login addon?


please check this article - you should register an account of Hybrid Auth library

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WSA team

Thank you but that article isn't much help (it's very basic info on navigating the admin panel) and I already viewed the Hybrid Auth website but couldn't find anywhere to register or create an account. Do I need to download it and upload it to my website files? There aren't any clear instructions on how to use it, NOR are there clear instructions in the cs-cart addon or the KB.

no, you needn't download Hybrid Auth

after module installation you should add necessary social plugins under Website → Social login

then you should check plugin settings and if it requires ID or secret key, you have to search further instruction by Google or Yandex, e.g. for Facebook - register facebook application

once you find adequate article, please follow it to register application in particular network.

finally you get ID and secret key, set them for the plugin under Website → Social login

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WSA team

Ok thank you

disregard - found the answer