Where to config customer register notification email?

Where to config customer register notification email?

I try to test my system by register new user account while checkout.

E-mail sending to customer E-mail header
"new customer profile notification" I found that in and E-mail, country setting is show not correctly. It's show USA while I select the another country. T

The question is where to edit templeate of this Email by not showing country.


Please see in picture,
In invoice E-mail, it's not show selected countries. My question is how to config to show country or which file I should to edit to add country's name into Email and what country variable name?


Emails are at Design > Template Editor … choose your skin and then ‘mail’

The new customer/new profile email is under ‘profiles’ → create_profile.tpl

I’m not sure about the country in the invoice. I haven’t looked into it.