Where to begin? Would like to learn to template

I am new to this community but have chosen to use cs-cart because of the enhancements that it has including the ability to wholesale/retail from a single website unlike some of the other products. I would like to learn how to get into templating but can’t much on 2.x. Is there a how-to that walks a person thru creating their own template or something? Maybe a manual? I am looking for somewhere to get started. I already have two people that would like their own site but don’t like the basic templates. One wants it a bit more snazzy like the one at [url]http://www.baddasschaps.com/custom-motorcycle-leather/home.php[/url] which is for x-cart which was made for x-cart. I looked at that product and do currently have a trial installed I don’t really like the layout. Can someone help point me on a how-to or something?


[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation