Where is the tracking number field?

I’m probably missing it, but I’m trying to find the area where i can type the tracking numbers in through the admin panel… I’m using 1.3.5 sp2.

When the order is made, click on the order # and you may add the tracking # in the proper field and you can assign from what shipping carrier.

hope this helps!

yea im in the order details after clicking the order# and there is no option to put a tracking number in. Just has customer notes and order details text fields.

When you click on the order # it doesnt show you this see image attachment;

Maybe you have disable shipping checked in shipping settings?

Also can you provide a screenshot of what you see when you click on the order #.


ok, i actually found the problem, the product was not set up correctly for shipping, once I set it up for shipping the option shows now Thank you for your help.