Where is the Product Page layout file?


Please excuse my ignorance and I'm a newbie developer with CS-Cart.

I edited some product page data in: [THEME DIR]templates/common/product_data.tpl.

Can someone please help me out with editing the layout of this page. I understand how to do it using my_changes plugins and CSS, but I want to move and add fields and data to this page and I'm not sure how to outside of product_data.tpl.

BTW I'm using v4.

Thanks in advance!



You can find the product layout tpl in


Hope this helps


Please try to use my_changes for future cs-cart updates, you need to create a new product details layout and you can do that by duplicate file design/themes/[THEME_NAME]/templates/blocks/product_templates/default_template.tpl content to design/themes/[THEME_NAME]/templates/addons/my_changes/blocks/product_templates/new_template.tpl and make the modifications to new_template.tpl after that you just need to select the new product template from Settings > Appearance (Product list default layout)

I hope that helps,


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