Where Is The Option "detailed Product Image Width" In Cs4?


In my old CS Cart 2.2.5 installation I can see the option “Detailed product image width” within Thumbnails. I seem to be missing it in CS4.

Has it been moved?


This option now removed in CS4.

I'm trying to find out since one hour why my new images are smaller as before last upgrade !

I now understood that the option “Detailed product image width” has been removed…

But how can I change the size of my images displayed in Lightbox ? My 400x400px images are now smaller after importing them on server ! I'm missing something ?

Can someone tell me how to set the image size of product images ?

Thank you in advance

No answer… :confused:

After seraching a lot, found out that the HiDPI module was the problem. Disabled and now it’s working fine.