where is the "add to cart" button?

I believe there is some type of debugging option for Smarty… how do I turn this on for CSCart?

I need to make a simple copy change and we are having a hard time figuring out where anything is coming from.

(P.S. it would be nice if the template files had some comment tags in them so we could just view the source to figure out where stuff was coming from.)

Thanks. :grin:

If you are looking to change the text, most stuff can be changed under Administration => Languages

Just search for what you are wanting to change and then change it to whatever.



Hi Brandon.


Turns out we need to add a button adjacent to it.

Anyone know how to turn on that debugging option?


What you want is to use is the “design mode” option in the “design menu” this will give you an idea of what tpl files you might want to look in to make your necessary modifications.

Once you have selected “enable customisation mode” choose hit the link “View STOREFRONT in customization mode.” the only problem I have had with this was when I wanted to edit the gust login pages as it doesn’t work if you choose to log in as a different user lol ;)


That helps. Thanks.