Where Is My Licence?

i bought cs cart

on cs cart orders seem to be canceled

but on my account the money has gone

what happened and when you will send my licence??


Please contact with https://helpdesk.cs-cart.com

Best regards


i did

but noone is there!!!!

i have problem because i needed his licence 5 days now

and cs cart couldnt send me an email

all emails are blocked from cs cart and they shoudl do something about it!

i dont receive anything!!!

and now that!

i suppose something wrong iswith the company!!!


Can you log in here?


Or did you use the password reminder?

Best regards


yes i did

but till today morning i couldn login for 5 days i was trying to buy a licence!!

they have reset and send me the password with email so i loged in today !!!!


after that i made the buy from there and something happened to paypal and it was cancceld in the orders history

although the money are gone from my account!!!

i suspect they did it on purpose!

I do not think anyone does it on purpose.
Sometimes such things happen between PayPal and the Store.
If the transaction was canceled, the money will definitely come back to you.
Please wait until Monday and try to contact again.
There is no reason to be worried.

Best regards


my customer is already angry!!!

he told me to send back the money he gave me for the job!!!

and now that!!!

i dont think i can wait to monday!!!

Try to call them +44 203-026-2550