Where is </body> tag?


I am trying to place some js script for an application I wish to launch on my side

The application wants me to add the code where the tag is

Can someone share which file this is in?

You can add the code on Design > Layouts > Layouts under default layout


Or simply use → Custom Code - Free CS-Cart Add-on by HungryWeb.net

I hope the above is useful to you.

Hi i believe this is the tag. I tried to add it here but it didnt work.

Try to put it between <body> .. </body>

add-on will help you to add it in the right position

if is a script code to be sure will remain the you will need to add data-no-defer


<script src="..."></script>


<script src="..." data-no-defer></script>

Use the index::body hook here


with “tag js” do you refer to Google Tag Manager ?

No it is another application


Please check this article:

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