Where in the FTP can i locate the content for my blocks?

Im currently developing my site and long story short ive migrated my cs cart from one domain to another and used to have access to my old domain backend but now i dont but i still have the back up files from it in my FTP, can anybody help me where i can locate my previous block settings in my FTP so that i can replicate it in my new store front?

also im trying to create a footer menu but have no idea how to link it to a page in cs cart for me to edit? in my current website page there is the demo store stuff which shows “about us” " company profile "etc and they are all active but i cannot find them on my store front?

hope these requests makes sense, any help would be appreciated!

kind regards

About the footer menu- I just did this- view the page that you are working with on the store front and copy the URL. Select the block for Demo Store and go to block options. Select 'content' and create a link for the Item you are working with. I did this and it is working.

Not sure what you mean by your first point but do you have the file “admin.php” (or whatever you re named it to) in root.


Your block settings wont be files in FTP. They are settings stored in the database.