Where/how To Add Manifest.json Html Link, To Make A Vendor App (Pwa)?

Our vendors have requested an app they can put on their phones to upload products, view orders, edit profiles etc.: everything they can do using the normal admin portal, but so that they can download an app to their phone's home screen (basically a professional looking version of the 'add link to homescreen' browser option).

I have read many tutorials on how to 'easily' turn a website into a progressive web app, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it for cs-cart, and I haven't found anything in the forums about this, other than the webkul vendor app, but its scope is too limited.

I want the vendor login page to be the start page, which I have defined in the manifest.json file along with the name, icons etc. No changes to the actual pages content or style.

  • Where do I paste the code ? The tutorials all say to paste it in the html header of each page that should be part of the app, but it's not clear to me whether I should paste this in the vendor.php file (by adding html next to the php script, since there isn't an html header), or if I have to paste it in each relevant .tpl file (there are LOT of these)?
  • Do I put the manifest.json in the main folder, or do I put it in the .../design/backend/templates folder? (at the moment I have it in the highest level folder next to vendor.php)
  • Can I do this using the my_changes add-on? I tried updating the vendor.php with the html code and putting it in the app/addons/my_changes folder but it didn't seem to work

If anyone has any tips on this, it would be very much appreciated.