Where do I find all CS Cart text and links that I must change?

Is there a master list of all places where the CS Cart name, text, links, social media etc appear? I keep thinking I've found them all but keep bumping into more. Seems like I should enter my company name once and be done.

Well you can double check by searching more default texts in Administration > Languages > Translations

That's probably where the other stuff is hiding.

Maybe you also looking for this. Check Design - Layouts and inside the blocks there is a gear for options.

Choose a page and a gear shows up and you can edit names there also. And like crazybag says above. Just lots of places, depends what you really looking for.

Thanks - my problem is as a new user of v4 I don't know where to look, and I'm looking for anywhere that's public. Our company is not CS-Cart. The tip to search languages is what I needed before I started. It was beginning to feel like I'd paid for adware.

So far I've found:[list]

[]Settings > Company (LOL - I thought I was done here, I dont think this actually affects anything?)

]Settings > General > Default Location (for Invoices?)

[]Store Name at top left of all pages > Information section > Vendor Name (what does this affect?) which isn't controlled anywhere else, but the Settings section within in this page is…

(I found this only when I moved the store from a development folder to production and the move failed despite following CS-Cart instructions here which are incomplete for v4: http://kb.cs-cart.co…other-directory )

]Layouts > Main > Block > Social Links (FB and Tweeter - not controlled by Language)

[]Layouts > Main > Block > Copyright (controlled by language)

]Layouts > Main > Block > About > Name & content (controlled by block title & text / link content)

[][color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Layouts > Main > Homepage > tiny little gear icon next to title (that you had no idea does anything) changes home page title, meta description & meta keywords. [/font][/color]

]Administration > Languages > Translations > cart_info (this is the title of your Sitemap)

[]Administration > Languages > Translations > copyright_shopping_cart (footer copyright)

]Administration > Languages > Translations > product_link (powered by footer link)

[*]Administration > Languages > Translations > 50 other instances of “CS-Cart” that I have no idea if they're public or not…