Where do I change State to State Code on Invoice adresses?


The invoices (customer and Admin) spell out the states in the addresses. I would like to shorten the state name and use the Code instead. For example, instead of Pennsylvania in the shipping and billing addresses, I want the code: PA.

How/where do I do this?



Hello Bob,

Shipping/Taxes>States>PA : PA (Not Pennsylvania)

Our orders come through as Miami, FL


OK, so you just went into the admin and edited all the states to equal the code.

That makes sense. I just thought it could also be done by changing an item in the tpl file.

I’ll just edit all the states to the short version while sitting here watching Seinfeld.



There you go, whatever it takes! :wink:

PS: The beauty of it all is that you only have to do this like once every 100 years or so, new states just aren’t being discovered much anymore!