Where do I buy the upgrade?

Hi Guys,

My upgrade time period has run out and I get the following message “Access to this upgrade and to all future upgrades is closed. You can purchase an upgrade subscription plan at Customer Help Desk” I go to the community Help desk, but I see nothing called the “upgrade subscription”. Does it have another name? What do I need to buy?



Did you login?


Login to Helpdesk


Hello, Joseph GD!

In order to buy the 1-year upgrade subscription, you should open the “Licenses” page of our Customer Help Desk, then you need to click on the “Prolongate” link for the necessary license.

Thanks everyone. Best answer was from Orange Girl. I have no idea how anyone would know t do that unless specifically told. :)

Dumb question but where is the cost of prolongating listed?


Hello, John!

You can find the information about the upgrade subscription cost here: Resources :: Upgrade Policy