Where do change CS-Cart Powerful PHP browser text


I can’t seem to locate the file to change the CS-Cart Powerful PHP Shopping Cart Software browser text. Does anyone know where the file is?

Any help would be appreciated. I want to make my site live asap.



look in the languages.


Hi, maybe I’m going crazy–but I can not find a language folder or language file. Can you be more specific please. In Zen Cart there is an includes/language but in CS Cart I don’t see the same type of folders.

As a side note–I can’t get my contact page to email. It takes the info and says it was submitted but it never gets delivered. I check the email addresses and they are set up right. It generates an invoice for an order but the Contact page does not work. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much Lisa for your help.


You’ll need to look in the language_values table. If you are referring to the “powered by”, the bottom template uses it for both customer and admin.

just like sculp said. look on the right in the admin and click on where it says "language " then in the search type in “powered by” then change it to what you want. dont forget to click in the box and click update

Hi cnsystems

Try this