Where did you learn this stuff?

I am considering taking some online classes to learn more about the backend workings of how the coding of websites and how they operate. Just kind of getting an idea of how everyone here learned. Did you teach yourself? Did you take classes? Did you just push buttons until everything came together? What do I need to look into?

Basickly that last couple of options you gave, copy here, paste there, error plus error and then, finally, by some kind of magic, everything comes together. Nowadays I sttil think every time I mess around with the code (every 3 days or so) and I sttil have a working shop, it’s because some miracle happened, I am that good coding :mrgreen:

As the base of CS-Cart is the ‘Smarty Template Engine’, this stuff would be helpful to understand how it works:


[URL]Search Results for "[" | Smarty


Loads of help from the forums, Thx to all you experienced guys, us novices get by


I have zero qualifications. Learnt it all online

I have only learned enough over the years (since the inception of the internet) to keep my business processing & fullfilling orders 7 days per week, and not a drop more has been learned, nor is there time to even consider learning much more. Shucks, when I purchased CS-Cart like 20 months ago they gave me 40 credits, I still have 40 credits sitting there for an emergency.

I call it the “Survival” method which teeters on the edge of insanity at times! :smiley:

I guess it’s just try it. Sweat it. Cross the fingers. Pray, and party when it works.