Where did all my storefront blocks go?

We were evaluating our shiny new cs-cart 2.2.4 demo/development install and exploring the many admin area features. Now all of the block on the store front are missing. Well, most of them anyways… the “poll of the week” and “Welcome to CS-Cart Demo Store” blocks are still visible, but everything else is gone.

I can still see all the default blocks in the “Blocks” section of the admin area and they are marked as Active, but they are not visible on the store front.

Anyone know how I can get all the blocks to show up again? I’ve cleared the cache (many times) and I couldn’t find anything in the database that seemed related, but then I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Also would like to know how to make sure this never happens again. I was excited and gung-ho about migrating to CS-cart until this happened. Now I’m nervous…



Which Blocks are missing? What Content, Filling, Appearance, etc, are they using?

Are the same blocks enabled and actively working on any other page(s)?

Some blocks will not appear unless they have something to show, for example, you can enable the Mailing List block, but it will not display until at least one Campaign is created…or so I have found.

Basically, they are all missing from the store front. The top nav, central content, categories, products, etc. All gone.


I can't even navigate to any other pages. And if I try to use the full URL for a product: …/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=8, I get a 404 error. (product id 8 exists and is marked active in the admin area)


You will need to go into the blocks, home page tab, and make sure they are enabled. If they are, try to disable, save, then enable save again

Figured it out… a “stray” localization got added while we were exploring the admin panel.

Here are a couple of helpful links for others in the same boat:

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