Where can I find this?

I think I’ve found all other instants of : apart from this one, anyone tell me where it could be?




what version?

you want to "eliminate the code ``` colon?

[quote name=‘MikeFold’]what version?

you want to "eliminate the code ``` colon?[/QUOTE]

Version 1.3.5-SP3 and yes just the : colon

I want to say it is here: (in red)


{if $product.list_price > $product.price && !($settings.Modules.product_configurator == 'Y' && $product.product_type == 'C')}{$lang.our_price}{else}{$lang.price}{/if}[COLOR="Red"][B]: [/B][/COLOR]{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$product.price span_id="original_price_`$product.product_id`"}


in product_details.tpl right under

{************************ Discounted Price, Our Price, Price ********************}

but I don’t remember for sure…it is close to where you modified the Product Code template, but it could be in products.tpl too

Thanks I think that’s got shut of it, it was in the products_advanced.tpl

good job