Where are the order confirmation pages?

Running the older version because of extensive mods (1.3.4-sp3) but figured someone will know, or the new version might be the same.

I’m looking for the templates that cover the final order confirmation page?

Reason being that when a customer order fails, they get a small notice to tell them, but also an invoice which at a glance looks like a confirmation; what I want to do is get rid of that invoice so just the message appears, which I’ll edit.

Also, in such a senerio, I want to ask the customer to contact us using the order number the system generates regardless, but code {$order_info.order_id} is not working from that page (using the language setup), any ideas why not?

Any help please guys?

I’ve found the main confirmation in order_details.tpl, but cannot find where to remove the invoice from displaying on failed order attempts???