Where's the sitemap in 4.0.2

I don't see the sitemap in my store root directory. Where is it stored?

Have you tried this URL in your browser: http://www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml

The actual file is in /var/misc but is redirected.

Actually the sitemap is retrieved via an .htaccess redirect which goes to a controller which reads and presents the cached version from the var directory rather than referencing it directly. Hence var/misc is never referenced (and should never be).

In Google Webmaster Tools it says:

URL restricted by robots.txt

for my sitemap

Have not looked at it in V4, but in V2 and V3 it worked like this:[list=1]

[]Site sees site.com/sitemap.xml as the requested page.

]This is unresolved and is redirected to site.com/sitemap.xml?sef_rewrite=1

[]The SEO engine sees sitemap.xml and reconginizes it and redirects (yes redirect again) to site.com?dispatch=products.sitemap (could be different dispatch, but I'm working off memory here)

]This controller checks to see if the sitemap.xml exists in the var directory or whether it is older than the settings allow. If so, it recreates it in the var directory and then reads this and sends it to the browser.


The browser (or robot) never sees the var directory. They only see the dispatch=order.sitemap as the last redirect.

I can only assume that you have a rule in your .htaccess file that is redirecting.

Note that the sitemap.xml data is different that the cs-cart sitemap controller that displays a human readable instance of the site map.