When will the free version be back?

When will the free version be back?

Cs-cart.com honeymoon period is over now as FREE one.

you got to spend $$$ now…

They plan on having a free licnese, but when?? [url=“Download the most feature-rich B2B eCommerce software CS-Cart B2B&B2C”]https://www.cs-cart.com/free.html[/url] From the blog: "As a replacement for CS-Cart Community, in the near future we will introduce the opportunity to use commercial CS-Cart Ultimate edition on a free basis, with functionality limitations identical to the ones currently present in Community edition. "

If it is still planned, I'd be amazed (or rather p'd off) if development went into this before the release (and subsequently stable release) of 3.1.1.

It sounds like the same code base, just a different license. Makes sense so they don't' need to continually update multiple versions. In fact, they should probably have a goal of merging all versions to a single install.