When will new version be released?

So far I love the software and it looks amazing. I am still testing it out to see if I can find any bugs though so I can let you guys know.

I just want to know when exactly will the new version be released? Because I don’t want to buy the software till I can get the new version.

Nonetheless great job guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked someone in the help desk and they told me the plan was in the next couple of months. I hope it is sooner. I like this version so much better and I don’t want to spend any more time with the current one I am using.

New versions always causes a dilemma for those in the process of setting up a cart. Don’t know when to draw the line and use what is available.

I have had two licenses for 1.5 years, hosted and “live”, but no products. Keep waiting for the next version then the next service pack, the stable service pack, etc. and never add the products to the cart. In same boat now. Want to wait for new version, which is significantly different then the current. This is after paying and getting two mods for SP4, that won’t work with 2.0, so will never be used. I am waiting again for the “Next” version.

Hope fully 2.0 will be ready in the next couple of months. After July, too late for me for the year. Can’t load everything and get new mods in time for NEXT Christmas!