When will CS-Cart implement html5 / schema.org?

Google has hinted several times that they will increasingly update their search algoritms to the benefit of sites using schema.org microdata / html5 semantics.

It is not unlikely that a future Google update will have major impact on websites, just like the Penguin update last year removed 700.000 websites from Googles index.

It suffices to say that schema.org / html5 is important and CS-Cart will have to make the jump at some point in the not so distant future.

I am not talking about a few rich snippets for some elements, but a full rewrite of the front end.

Such rewrite would break all skins, just like CS Cart 3.0 and 3.1 break all skins.

I wonder what Sibirsk its plans are for a front end schema.org / html5 rewrite?

Is anything planned at all? If yes, then what is the best upgrade plan for webmasters that have to rewrite everything for 3.1 already?

The following addon by alt-team seems to help with the microdata CS-Cart add-on Google Rich Snippets

Just a tiny amount. Their rich snippet addon does add 6 bits, but its a long way from applying schema.org to your whole website.

I agree this shouldn't be left to a 3rd party. It's core functionality. Make sure to vote on this below.


See the total lack of a reply from CS Cart yet again

Also notint this thread [size=5]HERE[/size] has now been closed stopping anyone else from commenting.

There CSCart talk about user voice , HMM I think the ebay add on has been on there and promised for nearly 2 -3 years

These are important feature requests we are asking for , if migrating to another cart wasn't such a ball ache and a gamble I would have left years ago.

That said schema is very important is a " time to find a new cart solution for us" kind of issue, CS Cart team please take note, by having uservoice and stating you are going to build a requested add on you are in effect detering thir parties from providing a solution. When you then fail to deliver you are ineffect kicking all of your clients square in the bollocks. ( Once again) THANKS