When using credit card payment method order confirmation does not fire


On 4.12.2.SP2 when the customer choses to pay via credit card and the payment is successful the code from my_changes/hooks/checkout/order_confirmation.post.tpl is not running. It works for every other payment method but not for credit card.
I have no idea how to even start debugging this. Any ideas?

Thank you.

From the file path, it looks like 3rd party code. You most likely need to contact whomever wrote the code.

So do you customer reach the order landing page after the order is paid?

Hello, thank you.
The code inside my_changes/hooks/checkout/order_confirmation.post.tpl is my own code and it is some analytics javascript. The code is working! My problem is with the hook. The customer is being redirected to dispatch=checkout.complete but the order confirmation hook is not triggered and the analytics code is not present.


Please check if the design/themes/responsive/templates/views/checkout/complete.tpl template isn’t overridden by a template of some other third party add-on, where this hook is missing.

If you are familiar with the developer console in the browser, please check checkout.complete page for errors. Your custom code can cause js error which brake the analytics as well

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Thank you for your replies. I have contacted some research and it seems that the problem stems from the redirection method used by the bank and the way chrome handles cookies.
I must set the samesite cookie to None;Secure from withing cs cart.
I have located a variable in the app/Tygh/Web/Session.php public $cookie_samesite = ‘lax’;.
I will start from there and see how it goes.