When is actual release scheduled for 2.0

I just installed 2.0 RC and am excited about some of the features. One weird thing… I installed it with no demo data. However, reviews were still installed and no sideboxes appear.

I went to Design/Blocks and saw all the sideboxes were active. I went to categories and changed the wrapper from ‘–’ to other options. Then the sidebox appeared. When I changed it back to ‘–’ I get the mainbox_general.tpl format. The sidebox stays on the site.

Can’t get things like account sidebox to appear though.

Anyway, I’ll keep playing around.

My main question is when this will go live. I’m just starting a project and will take my time over the next couple months customizing. I would prefer to customize the latest version so I don’t have to upgrade yet again in a few months.

Debating between 1.3.5 SP4 or 2.0.

Any rough idea when 2.0 will be officially released.

If you will spend a month or more customizing, then I would definately start off with the Version 2 platform considering it should be officially released within the next couple of weeks. Even if they are running behind sounds like you would still have plenty of cushion.

Thanks. I am on a two month time schedule. Still have a regular day job :slight_smile:

Sounds like I’m on the right path of sticking with 2.0. Thanks for letting me know about the timeline. I figured with RC out, it shouldn’t be too long now. I just wasn’t sure if that still meant six months.