When is 1.3.3?

As above?

No official date is set…but from my discussions, expect it in Mid-April

Any update on release?

ive been away on business in cali for the last 10 days…I hope to talk to Vlad this week, I’ll let you know.

It’s almost mid April?!

Latest news: CS was working on 2 final pieces of code and want to make sure they work right…Then they will take another week to beta test it in-house.

UNOFFICIALLY, looking at 2 more weeks before the release.

Would love a full feature list as we have been holding off on custom work due to this update…

Yea a full feature list would be great.

Sounds like there are a lot of goodies in there for sure from what I have seen posted.

I was waiting on that myself before installing, but I am getting anxious.

I just really hope the Invoice / customer / orders / reporting is as good as they say it is going to be.

I would love to be albe to see how many (item X’s) I have sodl and to who… etc

its’ better than you can imagine…

I’ve seen the demo, and its fantastic. I only had a brief 5 minute look and demo…but visually its exceptional, everything appears is graphs, pie charts, etc as well as in a tabular format…

I’ve used X since 02, and they have nothing compared to this.

What are you talking about ET?

Something like Marketing Manager for sales tracking, sales reports etc?

If that could be incorporated intot his platform it would be awesome. I use so many of those functions it is pathetic.

FireTank said they would not offer support for this platform until a greater amount of people was over here, then he would offer support. So their mods and all they offer will not be avaialble until they can comete census wise.

That is too bad as there are some fantastic options in some of those wares.

I NEED the capabilities of that entire bundle.

Specifically, YES!

a reporting tool that shows sales, products sold, etc, etc.

all included in the admin panel, auto generating charts and graphs on the fly…Ive used marketing manager, and while thats a nice product, its another 200 bucks…this is free and does alot of the reporting…

there will be a poll, from cs-cart, as too what reports are needed most and then added on as time goes by…

Its freakin’ SWEET!

I think everyone will be pleased.

I will have a huge list when it comes time for asking.

I use a lot of those reports for profit analysis, tax time, product review to see if I will carry it any longer, analsysis of whether it is a good product for sales, profitable, etc.

I also run numbers for comparrison contrast from month to month for product perfomance charting, customer performance trends, what they buy, how they buy, big spenders, average sales, items sold, trend alaysis reprts on all of that and more.

Yeppers, I will have a long list to add to that little questionair.

Marketing Manager is obsolete and would never be able to fulfill the already stellar capabilities of CS.


These are 2 screenshots of the demo I tested. This may NOT be the final product., as CS may/could change this…but this is what I saw…

Chart 1

Chart 2

I think I’ll sell the rest of my Xcrap licenses…

I knew my teaser images would make you guys happy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for sharing the screenshots. It is always helpful to see what is on the horizon.

The reporting features will be a great new feature in CS-Cart. I am hoping that the reporting features will be extensible so that new queries can be run. Perhaps a query builder of some sort, if not already a part of the reporting capabilities, would be a worthwhile consideration.

Looking good CS-Cart! Keep it up!

A list of reports we would like are:-

[list]Number of specifit items sold and / or product options

Customer report and what they have purchased historically by order number, able to drill down through each one.

All customers that purchased a specific product


Instead of writing each report, why not just write a query builder?