When inventory set to "track without options" how does it work for saved carts

We keep running in to situations where we mark an item as out of stock by turning on the “tracking without options” in the inventory options, but for some reason some customers are still able to check out buying the item even though we had marked it to “0” and when we look at the website it even says “out of stock”. I'm confused as to how people can still purchase something that we have marked out of stock and others are not able to purchase. The only thing that comes to mind is if someone came to our site before it was marked out of stock or “tracking without options” and they added it to their cart. Then when they came back it still shows the item in their shopping cart and they are able to check out. Then we end up having a customer upset at us because our site let them buy the item. Usually when we do this the item will be back in stock, but it is out of stock for an extended amount of time.

Any ideas? Do we maybe have something set wrong some place else? Is this a possible bug?

It sounds like you have “Allow negative inventory” enabled.?

It is not checked, so it is disabled. I must be missing something else, or again, the shopping cart is allowing “saved carts” to check out even though there is no inventory.

Just for the heck of it I added some items to my cart and then I marked them as zero and I got the following message…


Please Note

The ------------ has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart


So it did tell me it was out of stock now. So I still have no idea how customers are purchasing something that is marked out of stock.

I even tried to add it to the wish list and it still comes back to say the item is out of stock. So I have no idea how people are able to place orders for items that are marked out of stock. Very strange.

we also have this same problem with one of our cscarts - it is so strange - we have tried all different ways to do it ourselves but can't make it happen.

I am guessing they are using an older browser or something. We've gotten to the point now that we just disable the item. We hate to do that when the item is expected back in, but sometimes an item is out of stock for a little longer time.