When Importing Products, How To Maintain Global Options?

I am upgrading from cs-cart 2.0.11 to 4.2.4

When I export the products from 2.0.11 and import them into 4.2.4 all the options are marked as local product options. The import looses all the 'Globalness'. How do I maintain the options as Global while importing them?

My backup plan is to do the export and import manually using PHPmyAdmin (time consuming), but was hoping the built in cs-cart import/export script would be smart enough to do this.



Not sure 2,0 has that support. I do believe the V3 and beyond (mabye even V2.2) do support glogal options in the way the option identifier is structured. However, export and import to different versions (or even different stores) can be fraught with problems since DB keys are used as the identifiers. Import/export is really intended to be used for managing a single site/store. The V4 store_import addon is much better about importing options and preserving the attributes (global or not).

Thanks, looks like I have to go from csv export from PHPMyAdmin through Excel to get the tables imported into 4.2.4. I have done it before, but was hoping for an easier solution this time.

If it were me, I'd:[list=1]

[]Copy the site to some temporary domain (junk.mydomain.com). - needs to be on same physical server.

]Upgrade junk.mydomain.com from 2.0.2 up through 2.2.4 (a lot of steps, but the goal is really to get a DB that is upgraded - don't care about the files)

[]Then do a store-import from 2.2.5 to 4.2.4 of (junk.mydomain.com)

]Get rid of any non-standard cs-cart tables that were migrated (like addon tables)

[]Get new store where you want it.then repeat steps #1 & 2 to capture any new customers/orders

]Then do store import to update orders/customers

[*]Change domains in config.local.php and cscart_companies table.


If you don't have any hard-coded links that specify domain, all should be good.

Note that this is off the top of my head. You might have to manage other details along the way. But this might get you on an easier path…

Thanks, I might try that if the table structure has changed too much for a manual PHPMyAdmin import. Sometimes I find it easier to just work in the MySQL world and leave cs-cart out of the import process.

So far I have the products, options (although not Global anymore) and all the images imported. If the Global thing turns out to be a mess I think your solution might be the best approach. I do not want to lose our thousands of Global Options.

Curious, where do I download all the 2.x upgrades. Does cs-cart still host them for download.

Actually it doesn't look that hard to modify the database for Global Options. I should be able to do this in Excel.

In Table cscart_product_options set Product_id = 0 for a each Global Option

Then create a cross reference between option and products in Table cscart_product_global_option_links