When I send one with a product, the faviicon appears

When I send a link with a product on whatapp (for example), the favicon appears on the image and not the image of the product itself.
How can I make the picture of the product to which the link is sent appear?
I have attached a print screen.

Thank you!

you would need to modify the product.tpl template, best done as a override using mychanges add-on.

Any ideea, how shoud i do that?

I would suggest contacting a developer.

If you had some time to kill you could have a crack with chatGPT. I have had mixed success with chatGPT, basically you need to know when to challenge it because it tells fibs. To that end I would suggest having a read of the Advanced add on tutorial in the cs-cart documentation and search and read a couple of topics here in the forum on my_changes addon and override.tpl. Then put your questions to it being pretty specific e.g. I have a store using cs-cart multivendor and want to override the products tpl using the my_changes add-on to display …

you could ask the question without research, you could get lucky … chatGPT v4 is better but I think you need a paid plan for that.

You should integrate Open Graph to specify content for social networks and messages

Open Graph meta properties will be present at the pages if you will install the Social Buttons add-on.

So if i install this

I will fix the problem???

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