When Does Paypal Process ?

made a test purchase

it DID show up in the admin orders panel

i DID get an email notice

my bank has not yet processed the debit

(bank does process in real time for other purchases)

when will paypal credit my bank account

If your payment processor is PayPal, the money will go to your PayPal account, not your bank.

ok / but as tghe paypal account at bank account were linked

thought it would auto transfer

in ANY event

my paypal account which is brand new

does NOT show any activity

nor does the account that I used the credit card to make the test purchases

CS-CART - DOES say congratulations on the purchases

when I I go into the admin

it said order was open ?> and no money collected?

I hit the process button and now shows money is collected

is this normal? I guess as a way NOT to processes the client cc until order is acknowledged (shipped?)

You have to “withdraw” the money from your PayPal account to your bank account.

So is the money showing up in PayPal now? It must be that you have set it somewhere (either in CS-Cart or in PayPal) to only authorize the payment, but not to charge it. Then when you clicked to “process” it, it went ahead and charged. If that's not what you want, maybe someone on here can advise how to change that.

thanks for feed back


CS Admin does shows "TOTAL PAID :

(only after I hit the process button)

see below


$$ not added to my paypal account


deducted from my cc account at my bank

ID Status Date Customer Total Order #99

Complete Jul 11, 2014, 11:54 PM Justin Craig

$1.95 Order #98

Processed Jul 11, 2014, 04:45 PM Justin Craig

$3.40 [color=#333333]

Gross total: $5.35

Total paid:

$5.35 [/color]

You're not running in test mode are you?

i think not / how do I check ??

Go to Administration>Payment Methods then see attached screenshot. There's a toggle for live and test modes.

Are you using PayPal Pro?

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.27.58 PM.png

was live

paypal (not pro. not advanced. not express)

OK. Well, I use PayPal Pro and PayPal Express so not sure what your problem is. If no one answers here, lodge a ticket with helpdesk.


trying something else

on checkout page

we have pay pal button


credit card button

I had been testing cc button

and found it not assigned

so I just mapped it into PayPal

will test again and report back

thanks for help so far

making progress

my guess was the CC option was not linked to PAY PAL

now it is

tried to make a new purchase

and got a pay pal error


will review and report back

THANKS for the 'tips'

Note that if the response from the PayPal is received correctly, you should see PayPal transaction ID on the Order details page in the CS-Cart admin panel. You can track the transaction by this ID and check more details in the PayPal merchant panel.

Problem Solved // and I suggest we make this clear for the next new user of CS Cart


I added under payments = PayPal / Credit Card / Phone Orders / Checks

(as I know that PayPal CAN process Credit Cards / so I made PayPal the Processor in the settings under Credit Card)

and I presumed to pay with PayPal button required a PayPal Account / it does not

problem WAS / to use PayPal to process credit cards requires a ADVANCED or PRO VERSION

this is BADLY explained on PayPal website

(all it states is you need ADVANCED or PRO VERSION to stay on cart's website - if you use the standard version - it sends buyer to PayPal URL - which is fine with us)

it does NOT say - PayPal can not be the credit card Processor


our users must select the Pay with PayPal option

then AFTER they go to the PayPal URL (automatically)

on the bottom of that page is a small link that say=

no paypal account ? click here to pay with credit card


Payments works automatically

debit from buyer account in 10 seconds after purchase

credit into our PayPal account in 10 seconds after purchase

same for showing processed in our admin at CS Cart


to fix the shipping setup and we are a new happy client !