When coming CS-CART 3 FINAL?

Could anyone tell me when the FINAL release of CS-CART 3 will comes?

Representatives promised that it had been happen in beggining of April 2012.

Hopefully soon we can't wait to use it!

How about instead of everyone asking, when, when when, we let them get the thing stable so it doesn't crash everyone's stores? Hmm, that is a good idea. It is either that or all of you that are in a big fat hurry to get this new version will just be back on here complaining about how things don't work right.

Personally, I'd rather it take longer and have a stable release than CS-Cart be in a big hurry and release something that is buggy. Maybe it is just me though.




I think everyone knows it takes time. a lot of users are anticipating a release date to schedule on their end when they can go live with an upgrade or new store altogether for those not yet launched.

It's not unreasonable to request a release date, further i… Like most others of course want a non buggy version which is why I have been reporting many bugs on my end to help further the progress along. As users we are providing a valuable service of bug Testing their software and we don't get paid for it but we do it to help minimize the delay to a completed product.

If they'd say 2 month and released sooner I do not think anyone would be upset about this.

I agree the longer the better but it is always exciting to get something new and waiting for it can drive some people crazy