When a product with options is out of stock on one colour say

The message when someone tries to add it to the cart is a bit misleading as it says the product is out of stock rather than that particular combination is out of stock.

I do not know how other people use the options but for myself it is just colour - so I would like it to show the option combination - which for me is just colour - in the message

The simple thing to do would be to change the text in the out of stock message (which by default, i think, is “this product has zero inventory…blah…blah”

Go to languages in your admin page, search the pattern for this text, and change it to something else (like, This product is temporarily not available with this color combination) or something.

But remember, this message will appear on all out of stock items.

Nice on Mike. I am getting there slowly.

Can I ask a follow on question - when it comes to upgrading are the language variables easily carried across or do I need to keep a list of the changes that I have made and re-enter them.

I realise that with template changes this is likely to be needed.

(Can I have my girlfriend back - if she has finished hugging you)

I highly suggest keeping a changelog when changing language variables

(or anything for that matter)

you may want to locate the language variable through the search, and need the ‘exact’ wording to easily locate it.

everytime i change a template i make a new local folder and title it with the description of the change and the date



and always copy the original in a subfolder

Good tip and one that I shall copy - have now started with a couple of language variables that I had already changed with a nice Excel sheet - that says why also.

I have read your posts since before buying CS-cart and came to realise quickly that when it comes to modding you know your stuff. So thanks for that and what I have learnt already.