What's your IQ?

First Time:

Second time: I have this IQ:

(Did the test again… Couldn’t believe I got 114 while NOT trying o.O, I guess reading it question thoroughly works wonders)

Mine is 145, but because my IQ is too small, I can’t figure out how to paste the code into here. (or maybe I give up now because my brain hurts from taking this test). :stuck_out_tongue:

I could not understand some of the words :slight_smile:

And I couldn’t resist - I love such tests! (Even though I do not trust them.)

My IQ is 135 - Free-IQTest.net - Online IQ Test

Not too bad I suppose!

I got an error: “System value is overflow!”.

[quote name=‘joe’]I got an error: “System value is overflow!”.[/QUOTE]

Maybe your IQ exceeds the normal range of IQ :smiley: