What would you pay for a iPhone Web Based Application Template

Anyone interested in making donations for this addon please make one - i have created and official forum post for this project which can be located here:


My retail customers have a hard enough time just using a computer, give them an iphone, they would most likey give up and drive to a brick and morter store.

Now my B2B customers might use something along that way were they can walkdown the isle of the store and just enter in to an order form the sku and qty needed.


One of the thing that I see missing are website template systems. Mobi, Website, Cart and collaterals designed with matching or coordinating themed templates. If I were to purchase, it probably would need some tweaking, so 15 EUR or $30US is all that I would pay at this time.


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Simple poll to find out what you would pay for a iPhone version of CS-Cart for your store? based on the poll results we may possibly develop a iPhone template.


you scammed me for 100$ deposit and this was never done… either refund or do the app… its been 2 years… and you still try to scam ?