What will I get when I upgrade to cs cart 3 ?

Hello guys sorry I bother you but I wonder what is better in new cart against my cs cart pro ?

and would someone explain me why not and why yes I could do upgrade please ?

Because I can not see any benefit or new features and functions in :-)


I've upgraded to version 3 and it's been a nightmare.

Here are some of the difficulties I've experienced:[list]

[]When you run the Store Import it doesnt copy over products images, this has to be done manually.

]Any skins you have designed for Version 2 need to be redone for Version 3, There is no upgrade.

[]I've got queries that used to work fine with version 2 now crash wit Version 3.

]I lost all of my product features.

[]My payment processor now doesn't work

]Support will charge you to even look at these isues


I've got other sites that I will not be upgrading as it takes too much time and effort.

I also did upgrade to v3 and had a negative experience. The store still isn't in a very functional state, but luckily I'm not processing many orders these days (just a few larger transactions mostly processed manually). I lost some key features with v3.

These are the 2 most important issues I'm currently having.[list]

[]I can no longer display the cart content on the checkout page, nor can I ask for a coupon code

]I don't do any shipping, but I can't fully remove the shipping address anymore as the Email field cannot be de-activated, and I cannot remove the Shipping Options tab during checkout


Hopefully I will find a solution soon as my store has to come back into a functional and user-friendly state.