what version to use?


i want to install a new cs-cart, and since i will be modifying it heavily (to say the least) and havent been active here for quite a while, i wonder what version i should use:

should i wait for a new version (is that coming out soon now?) or just install the current 1.3.5. sp3? stable enough?

i ask, since upgrading will be no option, due to mods that i program myself.

any thoughts on this?

[SIZE=“1”](i can wait for a few weeks for a new version, but i have to start then…)[/SIZE]

thx group!

I don’t know it is really your call I guess.

I have been using 1.3.5 sp3 for a while now with no problems. I have made quite a few modifications to my code and I am not really looking forward to upgrading when the new service pack comes out. I have made sure to comment everything I do to my cart so hopefully when I do upgrade it won’t be to bad.

As for when the new version is coming out you can look through the forum and get all sorts of answers. I think Snorocket posted something a while back that said that 1.3.5 sp4 will be coming out in a month from the date of that post so I would think we will be seeing it soon. I don’t know what the upgrade will bring, but it probably won’t be anything that will too big of a deal with your mods.

I think Sno also posted somewhere that 1.3.6 will be coming out sometime this fall or early winter. From the posts he has made this will be much more of an upgrade and will probably really screw with any modifications.

I could be wrong about the time frames since my memory really sucks, but if I am wrong I probably am not that far off.

I don’t know if this has answered anything for you, but hopefully it helps some.


I’d try this if you plan on using PayPal in 1.3.5 SP3


Hi nwsco

[quote]i want to install a new cs-cart, and since i will be modifying it heavily (to say the least)[/quote] I would personally wait for the next release 1.3.6, as I feel there is something not quite right about 1.3.5, lots of things don’t work with php 5.2.6. and Msql 5.0.51b but I don’t bother reporting these, and I think this is one of the main reasons CS are totally rewriting the software, I continue at present because it’s a much better cart that X-****p totally, but there is a new kid on the block that I’ve been using for a few months now, so I will wait myself to see which way to go.

wow zardos: your answer really seems to have an issue!

i also installed 135 once for testing and noticed (and reported here!)

the bugs with php 4.2.4+!!

you have a good point and it sounds interesting.

the point here is for me: how long untill that comes out?

and rewritten means new bugs…believe me…:slight_smile:

thx m8!