What use is the WISH LIST feature ??

As far as I can make out the customer can only place existing products onto their Wish List.

The only use I can see for it is there is an item marked ‘out of stock’.

Is this correct ?

If so I can disengage the add on because I will only be selling one-off items.

I have turned it off on all the Cs-cart’s I have done. I see no need for it either.

… more like a ‘wanted’ feature.

A customr adds an entry for the item they want and get an email if that item or something similar is listed.

Consider the amount of times that your wife/girlfriend/partner has left a magazine or catalog opened in a place they’ll know you’ll read it.

The wishlist is an excellent choice for some people who know they’ve only got $200 to spend, but want to add it to the cart after they’ve gotten everything they wanted. That and a good way to exercise christmas lists :slight_smile: