What Time Period is "Bestsellers" Based on?

I’m using the Bestsellers addon to show my top selling items in a side block. Does anyone know what time period this is based on? Is it based on the last 30 days, for example? Or is it unlimited–i.e. the products you have sold the most of since you started using CS-Cart?

I’m looking for the answer too.

From what I can see, the bestseller status is determined by the data in cscart_product_sales and it would be based on all-time sales. I’m writing up a cron job right now that will reset the stats on products I want to exclude from bestsellers.

Maybe you can try to edit the amount via editing the product details?

When editing the specific product details, go to “Addons” tab, there should be a Bestselling

Sales amount:

I noticed that. It will not accept 0, but I was able to input 1. However, this did not have an effect on the bestsellers. When I went into cscart_product_sales each product had more than one entry (one for each category) and I had to modify each one in order for it to have an effect.

Anyway, I have several free items that are at the top of the bestsellers and I want to exclude those. I wrote up a cron job that will reset them to 1 every hour. Here is an example of the command in case someone else is trying to come up with a similar solution…

UPDATE cscart_product_sales set amount = 1 WHERE product_id = 26;

Old post, but as far as I can see this is still "relevant". We have a lot of old products trending the "bestsellers" and "most popular" lists on the webpage that is not so relevant. So is there a way to make a "most popular/bestseller" last 30 days instead? I assume this might involve deleting the statistical data in CS-Cart?

Unfortunately cscart_product_sales table does not store timestamp, so you cannot add such a limit

Cart-power has something for this.