What Should Be In Our Sitemap?

Just took a look at sitemap after an SEO tool reported that our site had no sitemap file and found that nothing had been entered there. It was supposed to have been set up long ago. Either it never was or had somehow been lost during several upgrades. Either way we need to fix it. What should go there? A category tree based on our menu? If there are any instructional resources for CS-Cart sitemap add-on I'd appreciate links. Thanks!

Use XML-sitemaps.com to generate sitemaps for your website. It is the best tool to create sitemap or you can create it manually. Ask your developers to create sitemaps for you manually.

Your sitemap should meet these conditions:

  • Begin with an opening tag and end with a closing tag.
  • Specify the namespace (protocol standard) within the tag.
  • Include a entry for each URL, as a parent XML tag.
  • Include a child entry for each parent tag.