What Modified Files Have Been Changed During Upgrade.

I just went through ten upgrades to get to 4.5.2. Each time it told me what custom files I had that were going to be overwritten (in hind-site I should of written them down). Is there a log of these files so I can go back and review the custom mods I might of lost.

It doesn't seem to be in the core_log.txt file?


Unfortunately, no. Have to write them down at each upgrade (or screen-shot and save) if you want to know.

Note too that it's not terribly accurate. I.e. new files will be listed as changed when they didn't even exist before and other files get listed where I know for a fact they've never been opened or modified.


Several bugs have been filed on this but they don't get addressed.

Administration->Upgrade center->Installed upgrades->Local modifications

Awesome, never noticed that before.


Me either!

WOW I must turning into a genius coz I had LOL