What Makes The List Of Cache_Update_Handlers?

We are using the file backend cache to test on both PRODUCTION and DEV server.

On PRODUCTION server, we found that the cache class does not update addon's setting values when we actually updated them. It just not rewriting the `var/cache/registry/addons/cache_admin` file to new file. So, the olds addon setting values are being used unlit we clear the cache manually.

However, this does not happen on DEV server. So, we figured out that the content of `var/cache/registry/cache_update_handlers' is different between PRODUCTION and DEV server. The DEV server's cache_update_handlers has `settings_objects` key which tells the cache to update addon setting values to latest(I guess), but PRODUCTION's do not have the handlers.

Everytime the cache generate hanlder list, `settings_objects` is not included. So, Does anybody knows how we include `settings_objects` key on cache update handlers list?

Sorry about my English, hope you guys help me :)


multivendor, v4.2.3

The list of cache handlers is set in the app/schemas/block_manager/block_cache_properties.php file.

Please make sure that some add-on does not overrides this file or $schema.