What is the "Thank you" page, upon succesful payment?

What is the URL of the page that customers should be directed to, when a payment has been received by a 3rd party, such as Paypal?

This is so I can set up my google analytics funnel.

I have mine setup as :



Where do we paste that code?


Have you managed to get it tracking your orders alright? I’m very curious to know!


Thats in the google analytics setup

Click Settings, then Edit etc…

then in Goal URL : ^/index.php?target=orders&mode=details&order_id=([0-9]+)&confirmation=Y

and choose Match Type (at the bottom) as Regular Expression Match

So it would look like this:


or… :? I know… dummy dummy question…

By the way, just ignore the last question… thanks a lot, again! :wink: