What is the role of Hot Deal Blocks ?

I enable this addon on new version but didn’t find any information about this new addon, can someone provide some information, how this will works and where to find on admin panel.

This is a new feature. No doc. available. Go play with the demo. It is part of the block features.

It is described in the new Cs-Cart 2.0 User Manual

How to activate. I install this addon and click active now where to go i seen in block but there is no option, how to use ?

Did you even bother to check the manual?

[QUOTE]Hot deals block - allows to add a block (Design->Blocks) with the settings Name: ANY, Block content: Products, Filling: ANY, Position: Central, Appearance type: Hot deals, Wrapper: NONE. Using the block customers will be able to scroll the products displayed in this block, switch to different pages and filter products by categories;[/QUOTE]


sorry i missed out!

[quote name=‘jobosales’]Did you even bother to check the manual?


why would I Bob, I have an entire forum of helpful people to do my bidding :confused: