What Is The Google Description Field In Product Export/import?

When I export products the Google Description field seems to hold a copy of the full description. Since 4.1.3 many of my products seem to be indexed with a meta description which is different to my meta description (it seems to be using the Google Description for indexing).

What data should be in the Google Description field and when it appear?

Also, in Google products I had the description field mapped to use the meta description field type - but my meta description was ignored and the Google description used! I've now got it mapped to the short description and this is working as expected.

Finally, if I import products and leave the Sale price field blank then my products import with zero price. The list price imports correctly.

I'm thinking of copying my meta descriptions into the Google description to see if this resolves my indexing problem - but is the cart just going to change them all back again - as I don't know how they got there in the first place?

Anybody got any thoughts on this please?

So, does anyone know what the Google Description field is and what it does? If I replace the Google desc with meta description cscart just changes them all back again.

How do I get my products indexed with full description/google description back to being indexed with the meta description - resubmitting to google just doesn't seem to work. This is also affecting some brand variants.

New products I add to the cart seem to index as they should, ie with a meta description.

Barry, I haven't messed with 3.x nor 4.x much but my guess is that the Google description is your full description with the html removed.?