What is the best way

Hi All

I have been giving a lot of thought to a problem and can’t seem to come up with an good answer so I am hoping you guys could give me some suggestions.:smiley:

I have a website that contains both my shop and vBulletin forums. I want to offer the members that have 10 posts or more of the forums a larger discount on the shop products. This I know can be done using Customer Categories BUT how do I entice regular shop customers to become a forum member and post 10 or more times so they can get a larger discount when they purchase from the shop when they don’t know how much of a discount they will get?

I was thinking of getting a mod done so when prices are displayed they are shown like this:

List price: $40.95

[SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkRed] Our normal price: $38.95[/COLOR][/SIZE] (inc gst)

Save: $2.00 (4%)

[SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkRed] Forum member price: $30.00[/COLOR][/SIZE] (inc gst) *Log in first

Forum members save: $10.95 (27%)

This way they will see that they are getting a discount from the list price but they will get a bigger discount if they join the forums and make 10 or more posts.

What do you think? Is there any other way of achieving greater forum membership without having to get the mod done?

Thanks for any comments you may have!